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How strong is the hose cover?

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The development speed of cosmetic lid is beyond people's imagination, in life, we can see everywhere in the application, such as hose cover, shampoo, cosmetics, detergent, etc., can be seen from the hose to the lid in our daily life function.
From the previous simple plastic dome to the present diversity of spray pump and hose cover, the variation of the process varies according to the overall needs of the people, round bottle lid for cosmetics not leak proof lid strong hose. Hose cover can prevent the water directly into the bottle, for the storage of cosmetics, the hose cover is better able to prevent the water outside, bacteria into the cosmetics inside. Moreover, the utility model has the advantages of excellent gas barrier performance, and can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and peculiar smell gas, and simultaneously prevent the leakage of the aroma and the effective component of the content.
Therefore, the waterproof ability of the hose cover is relatively strong, but also can directly improve the level of cosmetic packaging and user experience.
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