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      Guangzhou Yuanchang plastic products Co., Ltd., has 23 years of experience in the production of cosmetics, specilize in the manufacturing,using,and transportation of plastic cosmetic pumps.We always do our best to satisfy our customers.
      Our service standards: your request, my pursuit.It means,you just need to tell me your request,we will meet your requirements.

We specialize in lotion pump(24/410,24/415,28/410,28/415,33/410,30/410,30/415),spray pump(18/410,20/410,22/415,24/410),foam pump(30mm,42/43mm,40mm),oil pump,PET bottle and so on.

Find our advantages as below,

1. Over 23 years experience in beauty pump line

2. A reliable supplier of WAL-MART for several years

3. GMP Certificate Workshops

4. ISO9001:2008 Enterprise

5. Daily output reached 100,000 pieces/type

We will supply you patient consultation,high quantity product,good price and careful after-sale service.

Guangzhou Yuanchang Plastic Pump Co. Ltd
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