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Makeup principle of pump head

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Guangzhou Yuanchang plastic products Co., Ltd. is a professional production of professional cosmetics cosmetics plastic pump head, the pump head, the pump head washing, cosmetics cosmetics spray pump head, foam pump. Emulsion pump. Plastic pump. The pump head shampoo. Cosmetic plastic foam mousse pump based cosmetic packaging manufacturers are welcome to inquire: 020-86076742.13630078553 miss Jiang
Composition principle of foam pump head on cosmetic bottle dispenser

1 、 distributor is divided into two kinds of mouth type and screw type. From the function, they are divided into spray, foundation cream, emulsion pump, aerosol valve, vacuum bottle.

2, the pump head size to match the bottle caliber to set spray specifications of 12.5mm - 24mm, the amount of water is 0.1ml/ times, 0.2ml/ times, generally used with perfume, gel water and other products packaging, over the length of the same caliber according to the bottle height to set.

3, emulsion pump specifications range larger, 16ml to 38ml, water output is 0.28ml/ times - 3.1ml/ times, generally used for creams and washing products.

4, special dispensers such as foam pump head and hand button nozzle, foam pump head is a non filling hand pump head, without filling gas to produce foam, just press lightly to produce quantitative high-quality foam. Usually equipped with a special bottle. Hand button nozzles are usually used in detergents and other products.

5, the distributor is relatively complex, generally include: dust cover, press head, press rod, gasket, piston, spring, valve, cap, pump, valve, Straw ball (ball, ball). Can be colored, electroplating, can be anodized aluminum ring. As a set of pump head to die more, and larger quantity, minimum quantity of 10 thousand - 20 thousand, 15 days after the confirmation sample delivery period to 20 days, white and universal often spot.

6, the vacuum bottle is generally cylindrical and specifications of 15ml - 50ml, individual 100ml, the overall capacity is small, rely on the principle of atmospheric pressure, can avoid the pollution caused by cosmetics during use, with anodized aluminum, plastic plating and colored plastic, the price more expensive than other ordinary containers, general quantity is not high.

7, distributor customers rarely own mold, the mold to pay more, higher costs.

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