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2428 Cosmetic Plasti

X201-M-28/410 cosmetic pump head

Name:X201-M-28/410 cosmetic pump head
Details :


Welcome OEM&ODM shampoo lotion bottle plastic liquid soap dispenser pump

lotion pump.jpg



Bottle Neck Diameter  24mm 28mm
Color   Normal color are white and translucent, other color can be customized
Quantity of Out-put   2±0.2g
Times of Water Come Out in New   ≤6 times
Press Handle   The Speed of Resilience as Hand, time<1.5s
Tightness   Bottle full of (water,lotion) and product in lock state. Positive Press Test:2.5Kg weight power press the bottle      within 1min. Negative Press Test:pump out vacuum-gas pressure in -0.05Mpa/5min, products are non-leakage
Length of Tube   Length ±2MM
Working Life  ≥10000 times
Applications  Facial Washing Plastic Pump, Shampoo Plastic Pump, Shaving PlasticPump,Shower Gel Plastic Pump,Hand  Washing Plastic Pump, Cosmetics PlasticPump,Plastic Pump and Cosmetic Plastic Spray Pump,etc.
Material  PP Plastic
Regular Packing Info.  Caton size (in cm):58.5*45.5*29, about 500 piece in one caton





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